Jaap & Anushthan

surya bhagavan mantra

Jaap Vedic Mantra

Chanting mantras creates an instance of positive energy, but mantras have very powerful divine energy and when a person faithfully chants or recite the mantra, those dive energy or power comes out, which affects you directly, so mantra not only creates positive aura, but it gives the divine power to remove problems, difficulties & hurdles and protects you from harm. Mantra jaap anushthans are recommended by Vedic Astrology as well as Ritualistic Brahamins, because they bring about positive change and remove all negative effects. Normally, anyone can chant any mantra as part of their daily puja, but certain mantras must be chanted in a specific quantity during difficult times or emergencies.

What to do next

When you place an online order for any Vedik Mantra jaap (Anushthan) that is available at our portal, your puja begins the next morning with Sankalpa according to your details, and continues until the time that is specified. When your puja is complete, we will perform samapana and inform you that your puja has been completed. Our Brahamins also pre-perform the samapana and inform you that your puja has been completed. 

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