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Marriage is a wonderful thing to be a part of, and if you when it comes to relationships nowadays, astrology is becoming more important to ensure that the newlyweds don't get into trouble after the wedding.

Because some families oppose the practise of a love marriage, couples must find a solution to their difficulty of separating from one other. However, because astrology tells us that each issue has malefic planets at the root, we may consult an ASTROLOGER to learn more about the underlying causes and possible solutions.

In love marriages, kundli matching is usually not done, and this is a wonderful thing but it is my personal experience that it is advisable to contact an astrologer to ensure that our post-marriage lives continue well. A skilled astrologer can assist you in making the most of your life by pointing you in the right direction. Getting married in love and living together is risky, so seek advice immediately. If you're looking for advice on moving for the sake of your relationship, you may also speak with a moving expert.

Relationship compatibility. Whether or not it's a smart idea to get married to this person. After choosing to live together, what to do about where to reside i.e. who's house to choose, etc.

  1. Know why you're having an issue with your relationship.

  2. Keep an eye out for bad horoscope stars.

  3. Love marriage match results may be found here.

  4. The best pre- and post-marriage compatibility test with cures.

  5. As per the horoscope, an astrologer would do poojas.

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