Ups & Downs in Married Life

Ups & Downs in Marriage

As long as marital difficulties go unaddressed, they may wreak havoc on all aspects of married life and domesticity. As a whole, they include everything from marital difficulties to domestic squabbles to divorces. This article is a treasure of knowledge on all kinds of relationship issues between a husband and a wife, as well as quick and effective astrological answers to these issues. Numerous difficulties like these have been treated by our astrologer Pt. Rajendra Prasad Mandya with impressive results, and this has benefited individuals in cities throughout India as well as across the globe. The sorts of challenges he has dealt with are listed in the following section, along with the solutions he has found.

Astrology's Help for Marital Problems

The seventh house of a person/birth spouse's chart has the most impact on their compatibility and relationship with their spouse. Relationships between married couples may be happy or stormy depending on the location, status, and influence of several planets. Our astrologer does an in-depth investigation of all of these astrological aspects in order to cure marriage problems and spoiling instances

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