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Enhancing the Effectiveness of a Yantra Tips for Proper Care and Use

Engravings, diagrams and symbols etched on foil (silver, gold, or copper) are called yantras, and they represent diverse types and uses for deity. As an amulet or charm, it might alternatively be called a mystical diagram. One such authoritative book on yantras is Adi Sankaracharya's Saundarya Lahiri, which may be found in the Vedic scriptures. Vedic priests perform a sequence of Pujas and Japamas to enliven the yantra with the life force of the god involved.

Each Yantra requires a distinct kind of PUJA. The number of Japams of some potent mantras also depends on a variety of other variables. Keep these empowered yantras at your house, business, hospital, or any other area where you want to increase the good energy and assist others accomplish their objectives. We have a wide variety of yantras. A wooden platform must be placed against the EAST or NORTH walls of the room to house ALL YANTRAS. The word "PRASAD" appears next to each Yantra (such as betel nut, clove, cardamom and a thread).

Keep them wrapped in a white cotton cloth next to the Yantra or hang them on the wall next to it as a reminder of your spiritual journey. The thread, on the other hand, must be kept in the wallet during the day and tucked under the pillow at night. Waving an agarbathi (incense) in front of the Yantra or lighting a DHIYA (lamp with cotton wick and oil) may all help to boost the Yantra's effectiveness. For five days per menstrual cycle, no PUJA should be administered to this.

We've been doing Yantra puja for a long time, therefore we've established ourselves as an industry leader. We are supported by a team of astrologers that go above and beyond to meet the demands of our customers. Mangal shanti, rahu dosh nivaran and shani shani shanti are only few of the Yantra services we provide for various objectives, including santan gopal havan and the like.